Asim Khan is a British born designer, artist and creative who’s process is grounded in material research and development.

Khan graduated from Royal College of Art in 2013 having studied Fashion Menswear under the tutelage of renowned industry educator Ike Rust and stylist Simon Foxton. His career immediately took an upward trajectory following graduation when he was recruited by Stone Island to work as a creative textile developer in Milan. The brand’s progressive approach to textile research and development allowed Khan to further explore and hone his skills in an area which he sees as fundamental to his own creative process.  

In 2018 he set up his own independent studio, Asimworks, in Manchester UK. Since then he has continued his work with Stone Island as well as working on projects with respected brands such as Harris Tweed Hebrides, Matthew Williams at Alyx, Apple, Dormeuil, Ecco Leather and Cote et Ciel.

For Khan the ideas of process and provenance are key concerns. He places great value on heritage skills and craftsmanship and is continually exploring how that knowledge can be interpreted in a modern context from both an aesthetic and functionality point of view. Adopting a hands-on approach, he has continued his personal education by travelling the globe soaking up knowledge and immersing himself in the processes of traditional craftspeople. From Japanese indigo dyers and Harris Tweed weavers in Scotland to hand loom weavers and embroiderers from India and Pakistan he has learnt skills and traditional methods that inform his own work on a daily basis. For Khan, these centuries old techniques are unrivalled in their beauty and authenticity and he feels duty bound not only to preserve them but to showcase them.

3rd Migration is an exploration of this sensibility in its purist form. A project that explores the fusion  between his South Asian heritage and his British-ness.